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Best Pest Control in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Are you seeking the best pest control Milton Keynes has to offer? The destruction that pests can wreak on your home and business can have detrimental consequences to the state of your family’s health and that of your staff, not to mention the huge expense to repair any damage caused.

Instead of trying one of the off-the-shelf pest control products and hoping for the best as a solution for getting rid of a pest problem, contact 1st Call Pest Control  for pest control for rats, mice, wasps, flies, bed bugs, squirrels, woodworm, fleas, moths, cockroaches and birds.

Thinking, “Who is the most professional pest control near me?” Give our same day pest control Milton Keynes service a try.

Milton Keynes pest control professional spraying kitchen for ants

Affordable Pest Control in Milton Keynes

Our Milton Keynes pest control staff deliver reasonably-priced pest control services that deliver value for money and protect domestic and commercial property against pest problems.

The key feature of our professional pest control services is that we identify and block all pest entry points before applying any treatments. This delivers a more permanent, money-saving and reliable service, particularly for pest problems with heavy infestation. Our Milton Keynes pest control team offer advice and a friendly service for whatever pest or vermin issue you might have.

Pest Control for Domestic and Commercial Clients

In our 25 years in business, we have treated unwanted vermin such as bed bugs, rodents, wasps, moths, fleas, ants, woodworms, cockroaches and birds in both domestic and commercial properties in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

We aim to leave your home and commercial properties permanently pest free after our proven pest control treatments or we will return to resolve the issue free of charge, on the proviso that you have followed our aftercare advice.

Our same day Milton Keynes pest control service do not charge customers a call out fee to assess the pest problem on your property. Rest assured our professional and friendly service also comes fully insured.

Most Common Pest Control Services in Milton Keynes

A pest control problem causes the spread of diseases, compromises the structural stability of your property and can result in food and water contamination. We recommend a robust response to pests in your domestic or businesses premises before an infestation takes hold. Infestations by bed bugs, rats, mice, moths, fleas, ants, woodworms, wasps, cockroaches, foxes and birds can take longer and cost more to remove. Call our pest eradication service in Milton Keynes for a fair and comprehensive quote for ridding a range of pests from your property.



Mice can cause serious damage and contaminate food with their droppings. If you have been hearing scratching sounds in the walls, or see any droppings on your floors or furniture, then it is possible that you have mice.

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps live mostly in colonies with a queen as the head. A wasp nest can be any shape but usually looks like an outsized football hanging down from its narrow end. Usually a wasps nest is found high up on a tree branch or building ledge—anywhere that offers protection for the colony.


Blood-suckers that spread diseases like typhus, bubonic plague, cat scratch disease and tularemia. Fleas can jump over long distances and are carried around in the fur of pets and rodents. Thriving in moist and warm conditions, infestations occur mostly in summer.


Cockroaches are attracted to environments with poor hygiene. They breed rapidly and pose serious health risks as they are carriers of Salmonella, Dysentry & Gastro-enteritis. Their droppings has also been linked to eczema and asthma.


You might be thinking “Why do I have ants in my house?” Ants come indoors in search of food and shelter. Pet food, sugary and ripe fruit attract them. They spread unhygienic matter, detritus and allergens and can damage electricity, phone and PC networks causing fires.


The Red Squirrel is the one that is most commonly found in British parks and gardens. Like rats, squirrel’s teeth are constantly growing and so they need to continuosly gnawing which means getting them out of your home before they damage any wiring, structural timbers or plaster.
house fly


Flies spread disease and contaminate food putting the health of your family or staff at risk.


Moths will eat anything made of wool, cotton or silk, ruining your precious clothes in the process. They can also be found in food products such as flour.


Silverfish will eat paper products which can lead to your entire house becoming infested with these pests if you don't act fast enough.


Woodworm cause destruction by burrowing through wood, leaving behind a trail of sawdust and frass.

Reviews for Our Professional Pest Control Services

pest control man in Milton Keynes catching a rat

Milton Keynes Rodent Control

Rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels will make their way into your home and commercial premises in search of food and shelter. Once they create a nest, they will procreate and expand. Our expert rodent control in Milton Keynes can administer the appropriate course of treatment that is safe around our customers’ pets and the children. We carry out dead animal removal as well.

Our professional rodent pest control crew will seal all entry points and ensure the appropriate application of treatment using quality industry-grade equipment. We provide outdoor treatment as well, covering garages, driveways, gardens and car parks. For commercial premises, getting a rat or mouse problem under control is essential to keeping your customers safe and Trading Standards at bay.

Milton Keynes Flying Insects Control

Flying insects such as flies, moths, wasps and hornets can be difficult to get rid of as sometimes the source of the infestation can be hard for a regular person to identify. Our pest exterminators in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas are highly trained in the lifecycle of all pests and can quickly identify the source and the level of infestation. We also deal with wasp nest removal.
1st Call Pest Control apply the best insecticides from some of the leading pest control manufacturers in the industry. Our pest company services both homes and business premises such as commercial kitchens and offices in the local area. For wasp nest removal or any insect pests, use our contact information today.

Exterminator in Milton Keynes holding an insecticide spray
Bed bug control by our pest control technician in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Crawling Insects Control

It can be very unsettling having insects crawling all over your kitchen at home or staff canteen at work. You may have chosen to solve the problem by using any of the insect sprays on the market but perhaps it is not working as well as you expected.

Our pest control services in Milton Keynes cover treatments for bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, fleas and more. Insects have the ability to reproduce very quickly, resulting in a possible infestation within a short timeframe. We are the best pest control services company in Milton Keynes and we can quickly and discretely remove all pests from your home or office building. Contact our emergency Milton Keynes pest control services company today. We offer advice and a free no-obligation quote.

pigeon roosting

Milton Keynes Bird Control Services

The destruction and unsightly mess of bird droppings created by birds on a property, particularly in the hospitality space, can easily put off customers. Our pest control company delivers a range of bird proofing and prevention measures to deal with those pesky pigeons and seagulls. No job is too big or small. Our bird pest control service covers removal, proofing and clean up.


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Your Local Milton Keynes Pest Control Company

Looking to get rid of pests such as rats, bed bugs, fleas, ants, moths, woodworms, wasps, squirrels, birds and cockroaches? 1st Call Pest Control provide a complete range of pest control treatments to suit most budgets for commercial and domestic environment. Our pest control specialists are licensed, abide by the British Pest Control Association guidelines and have undergone high level pest management training. Whatever the pest control problem, our service is delivered with high quality tools and effective methods that are the best in the pest control industry. Our environmentally-friendly and pet-friendly pest removal service is delivered in the local area and around Buckinghamshire.

Adherence to British Pest Control Association Guidelines

Contact our Milton Keynes pest control company of exterminators, accredited by NPTA to provide effective and dependable pest management solutions using high quality products and equipment, in compliance with British Pest Control Association guidelines.

Techniques for Pest Control in Milton Keynes

Our exterminators conduct full surveys of the pest issue, advise you of their proposed course of treatment and provide a detailed quote for the pest control jobs. Our service always includes proofing to prevent the pests from coming back into your property and control to get rid of the pests already present. We are typically able to respond to a job the same day, or in some rare cases, the next day. Depending on the circumstances, we are also able to make an exception and accommodate after-hours callouts.