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Bed bug infestations are becoming more prevalent, particularly in large cities with a somewhat transient population like Milton Keynes. Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that can’t fly. They don’t jump or crawl very quickly either. Bed bugs are most often carried from place to place on clothing, furniture and luggage. They feed on human blood by biting exposed skin. They are small and difficult to spot, as they can easily go unnoticed in the seams of mattresses or inside cracks in upholstery. Our bed bug exterminators offer a full assessment, treatment plan and follow-up appointments so your bed bug problem is resolved permanently.

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Signs You Have Bed Bugs in Your Home

So how can you be sure you have bed bugs? Telltale signs include:

Bed Bug Bites

They look like small red welts in a line or a zig zag pattern on areas of your body that were exposed while you slept. There may be small blood stains from their bites on your bedding. The area around their bite marks may be red and swollen. It is common for people to not know they have been bitten by them until some time has passed since their bite marks show up on the skin.


Bed bug bites can cause skin irritation that might cause itchiness.

Bed Bug Droppings

Bed bug faeces look like tiny black or brown dots that may be found on your bedding, in places where they hide during the day, at the base of wall hangings or anywhere that is dark for prolonged periods of time.

Bed Bug Eggs

They are as tiny as a speck of dust and can be found in various places around your home. They may be near the bed, behind wallpaper or inside areas like moldings.

Of course the bed bugs themselves are also a telltale sign of an infestation!

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Prevent Bed Bugs from Invading Your Home

  • Avoid purchasing used furniture, sheets and mattresses that bed bugs can travel into your home on

  • Wash all garments in hot water before wearing or storing them inside the house

  • Do not sit on your bed in clothes that you have just worn on public transport

    Do not place luggage from your travels that you have just walked through the door with on your bed

  • Keep all your beds protected by covering them with a mattress protector

Common Locations for Bed Bugs

The most common locations for bed bugs to set up residence is along the mattress seam, inside clocks, furniture cracks and any folds of fabric. They can also be found on nightstands, within dressers and closets. Bed bug infestations can happen anywhere but are common in places with high human traffic such as hotels or homes where people come into contact with each other often.

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Our Expert Bed Bug Control Service in Milton Keynes

1st Call Pest Control has a team of bed bug control experts who eradicate bed bugs routinely. Call our bed bug control Milton Keynes team now.We get rid of rats within 3 easy steps:

Site Survey

Our bed bug exterminator will carry out a detailed inspection of your home or business to identify the areas affected and assess the severity of the infestation.

Bed Bug Removal

A potent insecticide will be applied to kill off the bed bugs and their eggs. 

Bed Bug Prevention

After the initial visit, our bed bug extermination team will assess the effect of the treatment. They will also provide advice on effective prevention techniques.

Follow Up Visits

Follow-up visits will then be necessary to kill off the colony.

Milton Keynes Bed Bug Control with 6-Month Guarantee

Our professional pest control technicians are fully trained and experienced. All our treatments are backed by a 6 month guarantee. So in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful in getting rid of the bed bugs in your house or commercial concern, we’ll return to remedy the issue at no cost. This is of course if you have followed all our post-treatment advice.

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