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1st Call Pest Control has over two decades of experience delivering the expected top rate and discrete commercial pest control Milton Keynes businesses require. Even the cleanest businesses can have pest control problems if there are hidden crevices and cracks that provide easy entry routes for pests. You can also introduce them into your business through your regular deliveries, e.g. boxes and pallets that have come from suppliers that might have a pest problem.

The presence of pests can be a major nuisance to any business. Pests have the ability to impede your daily business operations, tarnish your reputation and impact your bottom line in many different ways. Pests can damage and contaminate stock, dry goods, produce storage areas, equipment and preparation surfaces with faecal and body matter, hairs and pathogens. Expensive stock might have to be thrown away, resulting in a cost to your business. 

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Impact of Pests on Your Business

Protect Your Stock and Business Equipment

Pests can damage and contaminate stock, dry goods, produce storage areas, equipment and preparation surfaces with faecal and body matter, hairs and pathogens. Expensive stock might have to be thrown away, resulting in a cost to your business. Rodents in particular can chew and gnaw on wires, wood and plastic ruining valuable and expensive business equipment.

Protect Your Reputation

Some pests carry and pass on pathogens that can make visitors, customers and staff in your business ill. This can result in not only a costly clean up operation but a potential stain on your reputation among your customers. Further, the health and morale of your staff might be affected. Finally, there may be legal consequences if you do not act swiftly to remedy the situation.

Avoid Structural Damages to Your Business

Pests may also cause structural damage to your business premises by chewing through cables and woodwork and creating holes in walls and floors. The cost of remedial works to put right the destruction caused by pests can be prohibitive. It is always better to tackle the problem head on that let it fester.

Tailored Commercial Pest Removal in Milton Keynes

Our pest control technicians guarantee your satisfaction with our discrete and tailored approach that we ensure is appropriate for your business environment. No two industries require the same commercial pest control approach. That is why we carry out tailor-made plans for all types of businesses in a variety of industries including schools, restaurants, hotels, offices, warehouses, care homes, leisure centres, hospitals and shops.

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Our Professional Commercial Pest Control Service in Milton Keynes

1st Call Pest Control aims for a safe environment for your customers and staff, by ensuring the permanent absence of pests from your place of business. As licensed professionals, we have access to industry-grade products and high quality equipment and employ 3 easy steps to rid your commercial premises of all types of pests:

Free Business Site Survey

Our commercial pest control expert will carry out a detailed survey of your business premises to find the areas where pests might be nesting, points of entry and ascertain the level of infestation. We will provide you with a treatment plan, an all-inclusive estimate of how much it will cost to get rid of them and provide an estimate for how long the treatment will take. We can also provide you with a quote for an ongoing pest control management contract. 

Commercial Pest Proofing and Removal

Our commercial pest controllers will return at a suitable time to administer targeted treatment and proofing with minimal disruption to your business. Our treatments are all audit compliant.

Follow Up Visits

Part of our aftercare service includes a series of follow-up visits by our commercial pest control technicians to ensure that our proofing and treatment have been successful.

Our professional pest control technicians come with training and years of experience. All our treatments are back by a 6 month guarantee. So in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful in getting rid of the pests in your business, we will come back and sort out the problem for free. This is of course if you have followed all our post-treatment recommendations.

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