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Some people do not consider mice as pests, but they can cause all sorts of damage to your property, spread diseases and contaminate your food. When the weather starts getting colder, mice, like other rodents, look for warm shelter with regular access to food. You home might have met both sets of criteria for your current residents!

If you are concerned you might have mice in your home and would prefer a professional approach, then our mice exterminators in Milton Keynes can get rid of them permanently. Your treatment is covered by our 6 month guarantee.

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Signs You Need Mice Removal Milton Keynes

The most common signs that could indicate that you have a mice infestation in your home are:


Fresh mice faecal matter is dark brown and moist and about half the size of a grain of rice. As the faeces get older, they dry up and turn grey. An infestation can produce up to 80 droppings a night.

Scratching and Scurrying Sounds

You might hear unexplained noises or unusually high level of activity in walls, roof, attic space and basement, particularly at night.

Chewing and Gnawing

You might notice gnaw marks on food packaging, plastic containers, papers, cardboard boxes and wiring. You might also discover piles of chewed up paper near or inside cupboards, pantries and store rooms.

Smell of Urine

Urine is typically a very pungent smell and will stain on surfaces in your home such as walls and floors.

The signs that you might have a mice infestation in your property are similar to if your space was overrun with rats. In fact our rat extermination treatment is similar to our that of our mice control approach. If you’re not sure which might be in your property, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help!  

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How Mice Got in Your House

Mice have the ability to flatten their rib cages to squeeze through holes as small as 6mm. Mice can climb up walls, travel along pipes, vents, cables and wires which generally tend not to have proper seals around them. They can also get through tiny cracks in walls and floorboards. More simple means of introducing them into your home, include inadvertently carrying them in through moving boxes, clothing and furniture from another mice infestation location.

Milton Keynes rat control technician dealing with a rat infestation in kitchen

Preventing Mice From Getting Into Your Home

Seal Up Cracks

The first line of defence against mice is to seal up any holes. Seal all cracks in walls, floorboards and pipes around the house. This includes any gaps that are larger than a pencil’s width around electric cables or wires.

Pet Food Bowls

Keep pet food bowls clean and store dry pet foods in closed metal cans or heavy-duty plastic containers with tight fitting lids away from your living area.

Tidy Garden

Keep your garden tidy and remove any piles of plant materials, rubbish or compost that mice can use as nesting material. When using seeds to feed birds outside, be careful not to leave excess seeds lying around in unsealed containers as this might serve a food source for them. Store woodpiles off ground level if possible since mice love nesting near timbers.

How to Get Rid of Mice in My House

Our ultimate recommendation is to call one of our mice control specialists to professionally identify and block all access points before laying the appropriate application to get rid of them for good. Our prescribed course of treatment will take into consideration the level of infestation and whether kids and pets are resident in the house.

You can also go down the DIY route and block off all access points including holes, cracks and openings around pipes with wire mesh and/or caulking compound.

Place traps and poisoned baits (beware of children and pets) in areas where mice are likely to travel or hide out, such as

  • near sinks and drains
  • under appliances such as fridges and ovens
  • along corners, behind furniture, under carpets but not too close for children and pets to ingest them

Be warned however that to get rid of the blighters for good and prevent any further costly damage to your home, you must identify and block all entry points and apply the right treatment for the appropriate duration.

If in any doubt, our pest control professionals will be happy to help. We have been providing mice control for over two decades and employ the most up-to-date methods of controlling these rodents, giving you peace of mind that we’ll be able to find any holes in your perimeter and block them. We can provide advice on how best to prevent mice from getting inside your home as well as carry out an inspection with thermal imaging cameras so we know where they are nesting. Once found, we can advise you about effective pest repellent solutions and put together an extermination treatment plan.

Professional Rodent Control Milton Keynes

1st Call Pest Control endeavours to completely remove mice from your premises. As expert pest control technicians, we have access to industry-grade products that are not readily available on the market. We get rid of nice within 4 simple steps:

Site Survey

Our mice exterminators will conduct a thorough survey of your property and find out how rats are entering. We’ll also search for the mice’s breeding site as well as their levels of infestation in an effort to develop a treatment plan that would work best for you. Not only does this process help exterminate these pesky rodents but ensures an all inclusive estimate so our clients can get rid of them fast without breaking the bank.

Mice Prevention and Removal

The eradication methods we offer are all designed to suit your specific needs and environment. This allows us to tailor a plan for you that will work best against your specific mice infestation problem, no matter where it is in your home or business establishment!

Mice Proofing

Rodents and other pests can wreak havoc on your property so it’s important to make sure they don’t have access. We seal up any entry holes, cracks or gaps as mice can get through gaps as small as 6mm.

Follow Up Visits

 Our follow up visits will make sure your home is mice-free after we leave, so you won’t need to worry about an infestation again anytime soon! We also remove any dead mice as part of our service.

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Milton Keynes Mouse Control with 6-Month Guarantee

Our professional pest control technicians come with expert pest management training and years of experience. All our treatments are back by a 6 month guarantee. So in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful in getting rid of the mice in your home or business, we will come back and sort out the problem for free. This is of course if you have followed all our post-treatment recommendations.

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