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Types of Bird Control Methods

Bird control is a generic name for techniques to stop or eliminate pest birds from either landing, nesting, and roosting in certain areas around your property. There are many bird control methods to reduce bird activity and the ensuing destruction to your property. You can use baits, devices to attract birds, physical deterrents, and cage cleaning. The techniques you use will depend on what kind of nuisance the birds pose to you and to the property. A few of the more common types of bird control include fumigation, fining, sprays, exclusion.

Fumigation is a very common bird control method. It involves filling an approved bird control container with either carbon dioxide or nitrogen. The concentration usually ranges between one to five pounds per acre. The purpose of the treatment is to kill any existing nest and to prevent any further bird nests from occurring.

Fumigation takes effect immediately, so it can be suspended while the treated area is being cleaned. It is most effective in residential areas where birds are often nesting but is also often used in commercial spaces because it prevents birds from using previously occupied open spaces. The method of delivery is generally through a sprayer mounted beneath the eaves or roofline, or a high-pressure air jetting from a fixed position on the ground. Fumigation cannot be used on trees or plant leaves.

Sprays are available in both liquid and granular forms and are most commonly used to control uninvited birds in residential and commercial spaces. Available in either spray cans or liquid drops, these products are applied to bird droppings. Upon contact, the product fumigates away the targeted birds and destroys their droppings. This can be done as often as needed to maintain a safe environment for residents.

Bird spikes are another bird control product that is effective in both preventing birds from entering structures and removing birds that have already entered by creating a shock track in the soil around the structure. These bird spikes resemble electrified cages and emit a shock when the bird touches them. The shock emits a high voltage shock that can kill birds if they are not stunned. However, when they are stunned, they are unable to move and are unable to leave the shock tracks.

Bird netting is also an effective method of bird control. It is best to use a combination of methods to prevent birds from entering structures, but this is also a popular method of removing birds that have already occupied space. The bird netting is usually suspended from the highest point in the area and is then drawn across the area. Bird netting is most effective in residential and commercial areas. There is no need to replace the netting during the life of the bird control.

Bait or lure is attached to the bird’s beak or claw, and this attracts birds. An effective lure includes small frogs, mealworms, mealie worms, and nightcrawlers. This method of attracting birds is often successful, but only for a short period of time. The birds will become reliant on this lure and after a while, they may attempt to feed elsewhere. Other methods include removing any natural vegetation where birds can nest, as this limits the kinds of food that can be eaten by birds.

Birdbaths are another popular method of bird control. They are strategically placed throughout a property and filled with water to attract birds. Water is also key in attracting smaller birds. A birdbath should not be placed near trees where nesting could be nearby.

Another important part of bird control is controlling the activity of predators. It is vital that there are no large creatures inside a yard. Predators can include hawks, eagles, raccoons, cats, and even rats. To control these animals, place bird feeders near the perimeter of a property. There are many choices of bird feeders; some are even attractively decorated.

Control of pests is also key when attempting to reduce the number of birds. One of the most common types of pests is rodents. There are many techniques used to control rodents and birds that are attracted to rodent and bird food. Some methods include using traps, putting down bait, and eliminating the food source.

Bird control problems can be caused by improper procedures or a lack of expertise. Before attempting to control birds, it is important to know what types of birds live in an area and how they can be controlled. Different methods will work best for different types of birds. Some birds are affected by humans as well as other animals and insects. Therefore, proper care must be taken. If the birds become too unwell, they can become extinct.

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