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Do you require wasp nest removal in Milton Keynes?

It is summertime and we are all looking forward to enjoying more time outdoors. Except perhaps in your case, you will be or have been confined mostly indoors because of the number of wasps swarming around in your garden. It might be because a wasp nest is located in your garden or very close by. If you have a wasp nest in your garden and would like it removed without getting stung, then call one of our wasp nest removal experts in Milton Keynes to do so for you.

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Common Locations for Wasps Nests

Wasps are social insects that live in colonies. Like bees, they pollinate flowers but do not produce honey. They tend to build nests in dark and damp places where there is minimal disturbance. Inside spaces include sheds, garages and in wall cavities. Externally, you can find their nests in hedges, near rubbish bins, underneath the eaves or roof spaces, under decking, within air bricks, on window frames and ledges. The vast majority of wasp nests are small enough not to pose much of a problem but there are some risks associated with having an active wasp nest around your home that has been disturbed. Only female wasps have the ability to sting but only when disturbed. Wasp stings can cause allergic reactions that can lead to anaphylactic shock, which is a life-threatening condition that requires emergency medical treatment. This is particularly concerning for kids and pests and if you’re allergic to wasp venom.

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Our Professional Wasp Nest in Milton Keynes

The best way of getting rid of an active wasp nest is by calling a professional pest control company. 1st Call Pest Control technicians have the right protective gear and professional equipment for removing wasp nests quickly, with little fuss and without putting anyone’s life in danger. Wasps are mostly active from late spring to early autumn. The best time to remove a nest is ideally late summer or early autumn before the young wasps have matured and are able to fly. However, whenever you need us to neutralise and remove a wasp nest, our wasp nest removal pest controllers in Milton Keynes can help. We get rid of wasps and their nests in 3 easy steps:

Site Survey

Our wasp exterminator will carry out a detailed of the site of the wasp infestation. 

Wasp Treatment and Wasp Nest Removal

They will neutralise the wasps before removing the nest.

Follow Up Visits

Wasps nests can usually be neutralised and removed in just one visit. However, if you are concerned that they might have come back, we will happily carry out a follow up visit.

Milton Keynes Wasp Control with 6-Month Guarantee

Our professional pest control technicians come with training and years of experience. All our treatments are back by a 6 month guarantee. So in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful in getting rid of the wasps in your home or business, we will come back and sort out the problem for free. This is of course if you have followed all our post-treatment recommendations.

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